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A new garage door installation can increase your Baiting Hollow home's value by between 1%-4%. Believe it or not, that's a significant return when it comes to the price of a house. Being that your garage door makes up 30% of your curbside clout, upgrading your garage door is not only practical, but a great way to show off your own personal style. Baiting Hollow Garage Door Installation Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors, a Long Island based company, offers a wide variety of garage door brands, styles, and materials. This expert team can also work with you to design a custom door with unique colors, modifications, and detail that compliment your distinctive taste.

Garage doors are quickly replacing front doors as the main entry and exit point. Upgrading your garage door means upgrading its system as well. Modern doors can have very convenient security features. This increases the safety of your family and your home. A new garage door with insulation will keep your house and your possessions safe from the elements. Old, beat up garages with poor or no insulation allow in moisture and air which causes mold, destruction and cold. A properly insulated garage will stay warmer, prolong the quality of your valuables, and keep pests from entering.

Above & Beyond Garage Doors has a highly trained staff, qualified to install a large range of garage doors and their systems. They have the knowledge to make suggestions on styles and materials based on the type of home or building you have. Whether you seek a basic look, or the door of your dreams, Baiting Hollow Garage Door Installation Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors can assist you in finding and creating the perfect look for you and your home.

Garage Door Styles and Materials

Above & Beyond Garage Doors has many reputable manufacturers to choose from. Carriage-house doors are very popular for their timeless look, fine detailing, and large windows. Center handles can be modified to your liking and the doors are usually swung open manually. There are modern carriage-house doors that can roll up automatically while still maintaining their classic look. Sectional roll-up garage doors are a bit more contemporary and wonderful for both residential and commercial buildings. They are also excellent for garages with high ceilings. Raised panel garage doors are great for insulating. They are probably also the most common style door. Strong and durable, these doors are as traditional as it gets.

High lift garage doors are a great investment for car owners with limited space. Your vehicles are lifted so that one car fits above another on horizontal tracks. The professionals at Above & Beyond Garage Doors are some of the few in the business with expertise in this particular style.

Different materials come with their own attributes and flaws. Wood is classic and gives off a traditional charm. It can also conveniently be sized to fit any needs and colored/stained in a large spectrum of colors. Unfortunately it does require significant maintenance, cleaning, and can easily warp and chip. Aluminum is light, wont rust and puts ease on your garage door's system. The downside is that it is a poor insulator, can dent crack and break. Steel is certainly durable. It’s also affordable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Steel is also prone to dents and when maintenance is required, can be very tough to repair.

Above & Beyond Garage Doors

Choosing the right garage door with all of the different brands, styles, materials, features, and modifications that are offered is difficult. It's even more difficult when you know nothing about it. But choosing an efficient company that you can trust to give you the proper advice and information has never been as easy than with Baiting Hollow Garage Door Installation Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors. This team of technicians cares about your Baiting Hollow home and the quality of their work. Call today and receive a free, honest estimate. Customers are valued and as a thank you for your business, you will receive an extended warranty that surpasses that of the manufacturer's and other companies. Call 631-736-0369 and make an appointment to get the garage door installation your home deserves.

Call us today at 631-736-0369 for more information, set up an appointment, or get a free estimate.

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