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There are many benefits of installing a new garage door or replacing an old one in your Brentwood home. Not only can it increase your residence's value, but it also enhances safety, security, and convenience. Advancements in technology allow you to operate your garage door with the touch of a button from your phone. Rolling codes, vacation settings, and fingerprint recognition limit access to those who are welcome. Nowadays with all of the different brands and styles, a new garage door installation can also add curb appeal to your home while reflecting your own personal style.

Garage Door Styles

  1. Carriage House
    Carriage house garage are a wonderful way to enhance the curb appeal of your Brentwood home. They can be stained and painted in an array of colors and designed with custom window framing and hardware. Handles in the center of the door give the classic illusion of swinging out while actually raising up and down. Superior insulated steel mixed with the distinctive design of a carriage house door come together to blend elegance with strength.
  2. Contemporary
    Contemporary garage doors are sure to make your abode stand out from the rest. These modern doors are known for their bold colors, straight lines, and large glass windows.
  3. Traditional
    Traditional garage doors offer a timeless feel. They’ve been popular for decades and remain that way because of their high quality and ability to increase curb appeal with their clean, classic look. These garage doors come in a variety of panel styles and are available in long or short designs.
  4. High Lift
    For car lovers with limited space, a high lift garage door is the perfect choice. These doors allow you to store one car above another on horizontal tracks.

Proper Installation

So you've decided to enhance the curb appeal of your Brentwood home with a new garage door installation. Now you need a company you can count on to properly install it for you. Above & Beyond Garage Doors is a fully licensed and insured, Long Island, New York based business. Each technician is expertly trained in a wide variety of garage door brands, styles, and systems. This is to be sure that you are provided with knowledgeable, quality service that you deserve. Brentwood Garage Doors Installation Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors is family owned and operated with over 15 years of experience. Call to schedule an appointment at your convenience. 631-736-0369 and visit us at

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