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Your Brentwood garage door is an asset to your home. It increases curb appeal, and enhances the safety, security, and convenience of you, your family, and your home. The average homeowner opens and closes their garage door over 1500 times per year. That's a lot of use and many people don’t realize that they are supposed to have their garage doors routinely inspected and maintained. In fact, most people don’t give their garage doors a second thought until something goes wrong. Lack of maintenance and ignoring malfunctions can ultimately lead to extremely costly repairs, or possible replacement of a garage door all together. It's important to follow up with annual tune-ups and quarterly maintenance.

Inspections and Tune-Ups

When you have your Brentwood garage door tuned-up, this is what you can expect to have happen.

  1. Your garage door will be powered down to ensure safety and prevent potential accidents.
  2. A professional will look over your entire door and system for any damage or malfunctions.
  3. Nuts, Bolts, roller brackets, screws, etc. will be tightened.
  4. The moving parts of your garage door will be lubricated such as the cables, pulleys, springs, etc.
  5. Weather stripping and seals on your garage door will be inspected and potentially replaced.
  6. The balance, alignment, and auto-reverse features will be tested by a professional to ensure proper function.

Finding the Right Company For You

Having your Brentwood garage door, annually tuned-up helps ensure reliable, quiet operation and safety. Brentwood Garage Doors Repair Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors is a fully licensed and insured, Long Island, New York based company. This family owned and operated business has been providing smooth, quality service for over 15 years. Each technician is expertly trained in a wide variety of garage door brands, styles, and systems. This is to be sure that you are given the knowledgeable, hassle free service that you deserve. Free estimates are given, and a 24 hour line is offered in the event of an emergency. Call Brentwood Garage Doors Repair Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors and schedule an appointment at your convenience. 631-736-0369 and visit us at

Call us today at 631-736-0369 for more information, set up an appointment, or get a free estimate.

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