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Not many people know that their garage doors make up 30% of their curbside appeal. In fact, front doors are being replaced by garage doors as the primary entrance and exit of residents. Nearly 15,500 people live in East Setauket, New York as of 2018. It's a rapidly growing town filled with families and homeowners. East Setauket Garage Door Installation Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors, a Long Island based company has been providing many of this town's home and business owners with quality service for over 15 years.

A garage door that is replaced, fixed or added to a home can add between 1%-4% to its value. Not only is a new garage door an excellent investment, but trendy styles, unique colors and modifications will surely have your home standing out from the rest. Above & Beyond Garage Doors is a fully licensed and insured company. Technicians are expertly trained in a large variety of styles and brands to ensure the proper installation and repair of your garage door.

Choosing Your Garage Door

Above & Beyond Garage Doors offers a wide range of styles and brands from reputable manufactures. Contemporary garage doors offer a modern, smooth look. Glass, metal and wood come together to allow daylight to shine through and ensure durability. Carriage-house doors have a rustic charm that's become quite popular over the years. They often have two handles in the middle and intricate detailing. Flush panel doors are very basic but add a classic quality to your abode. Insulated garage doors can save your home money and energy. They are also great for keeping the elements out and your belongings safe. Whatever your inventive taste may be, there's a style that will fit your ideal vision.

You can narrow your garage door options by choosing a material. Wood is traditional and affordable. It can be painted or stained with unique colors, but is also vulnerable to warping, cracking and chipping. Vinyl is also affordable, lightweight and wont rust or dent. It's low maintenance but susceptible to fading and may not be best for those who seek a sleek, modern look. Steel is durable and offers finishes that prevent rusting as well as embossing to give a natural wood grain look. Although it's a strong material, it can be prone to dents and is difficult to repair. Aluminum is lightweight and will not rust. It's available in a large spectrum of styles and colors to fit your tastes. It can dent, crack or break and is a poor insulator.

All materials have their pros and cons. East Setauket Garage Door Installation Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors has the experience needed to assist you in choosing a door that's right for you and your home. These professionals have the knowledge needed to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Making An Appointment

Choosing a garage door can be stressful and difficult. It's hard to make decisions when you don't know a lot about the product you are buying. Finding a company that you can trust has never been as easy than with Above & Beyond Garage Doors. Appointments are made at your convenience and free estimates are given upon arrival with inspection. Technicians are prompt, knowledgable and care about your home. You can be confident that these team members will work with you to find the perfect style to fit your needs, budget and vision. All products come with a warranty that surpasses that of the manufacturer's as well as other businesses. Call today and have Above & Beyond Garage Doors install the garage door of your dreams.

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