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The average resident of East Setauket, New York opens and closes their garage door over 1500 times per year. There are many benefits of having an effective garage door opener. Home security, safety, and pure convenience are three of the many examples. Garage doors are quickly replacing front doors as the main entry and exit point of a house.

East Setauket Garage Door Opener Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors, a Long Island based company has been providing excellent service for over 15 years in the installation and repair of garage doors. Licensed and insured, this company employs expert technicians, trained in a wide range of brands and styles to ensure that you get the quality service you deserve. Call Above & Beyond Garage Doors today and receive a free estimate. 631-736-0369.

Benefits of Garage Door Openers

A properly installed garage opener can be extremely beneficial in the security of your home. Today's technology allows access to your garage door with fingerprint recognition. You can also find comfort in knowing that you can open and close your garage door from virtually anywhere by using an app on your phone. A garage door can be an easy entry point for burglars, and unwanted intruders. Never worry about forgetting to close your door again. Your system can alert you in the instances where closing your garage door has slipped your mind.

Safety is another major benefit of a garage door opener. Your children and family will be safer with the installment of an opener. Prevention of emergencies such as entrapment can be prevented with reverse sensor features. A person, object, or obstruction will force your garage door to reverse when in contact with your photocell sensors. Keeping the eyes of your sensors clean and properly aligned will keep them working longer and more effectively.

There are times when after a busy day at work, you are driving home in rain, snow, or extreme cold. You may be carrying armfuls of groceries, or even your children. Maybe the most simplest, but practical benefit of a garage door opener is its sheer convenience. No more searching for keys, or struggling to get a free hand. With a push of a button, you are safely inside your home with ease.

Types of Garage Door Openers

There are many types of Garage Door Openers. The three most common all use trolleys in their operation.

Chain drive

This opener is perhaps the most common and most affordable of the three. Unfortunately it is also the noisiest. It's best suited for a garage that is not directly next to any sleeping or frequent living quarters. Most commonly, they are used in garages that are detached from a house.

Belt drive

this garage door opener uses a belt in its function. The rubber makes for smooth and quiet operation. It's a bit more costly than a chain drive, but is great for homes where the garage is next to common rooms and bedrooms.

Screw drive

This opener uses a long rod to open and close a garage door. It has less moving parts so doesn't require much maintenance. It also has smooth and quiet operation and is great for all types of garages whether residential or commercial.

The team at East Setauket Garage Door Opener Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors is thoroughly trained to install and repair all types of Garage Door Openers for your convenience. Put your mind at ease and let these experts assist you in finding an opener that fits your home and your budget.

Above & Beyond Garage Door Appointments

Not many people realize that their garage doors and their openers require quarterly and yearly maintenance. Garage doors are the largest moving part of a home and can increase its value between 1-4%. For annual tune ups, repairs or installation of your East Setauket garage door, call a company that you can trust. Above & Beyond Garage Doors values their customers and as a thank you for your business, you will a receive a warrantee that is sure to surpass the manufacturer's and other businesses.

These technicians care about your home and are ready to answer all questions on DIY maintenance to ensure that you not only get your money's worth, but that your garage door stays newer, longer. Don't settle when it comes to your garage door, the importance of your home, and the safety of your family.

Call us today at 631-736-0369 for more information, set up an appointment, or get a free estimate.

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