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Your Mount Sanai garage door is the largest moving part of your home. This makes it one of the most prominent, visible components of your home’s exterior. Accounting for 30% of your residences curbside appeal, it also represents a homeowners personal style and aesthetics. A new garage door installation has many benefits.

Benefits of a New Garage Door


Investing in a new garage door can increase the value of your residence between 1%-4%. Considering the price of a home, this is an exceptional return.


An open garage door can be a beacon for intruders. New advances in garage door systems can boost the security of your home by alerting you when your garage door is opened, or when you have forgotten to close it. You are also able to open and close your garage from wherever you are using smart technology. New systems are also able to recognize fingerprints as an access code.


Older garage doors are vulnerable to jamming and breaking, especially if they do not have automatic openers. Newer models have safety features that will prevent emergencies such as entrapment.

Energy Efficiency

Efficient insulation will help keep the elements, pests, and dirt outside where they belong. Temperature regulation helps control your utility bills. Automatic garage door openers use less energy which is less damaging to the environment.

Maintenance and Time

A new garage door significantly lowers the amount of maintenance and time needed in taking care of your garage. No more scraping and flaking old chipped paint. Prefinished garage doors require a simple wipe down with an all purpose cleaner.

Safe storage

Your personal belongings, vehicles, equipment, tools, etc. are important to you. Old garages with poor or no insulation, broken weather stripping, cracks, and other damage leave your possessions susceptible to mold, rust, and overall destruction. A new garage door installation keeps your valuables safer and lasting longer.

Insurance Benefits

Upgrading your garage and its system means upgrading your home's value, security, safety, and efficiency. This could help you with insurance benefits and or reduced payments.

Above & Beyond Garage Doors

After making the decision to have a new garage door installed in Mount Sanai, it's important to bring in a company you can trust. Mount Sinai Garage Door Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors has been serving Long Island for over 15 years. Fully licensed and insured, these technicians are expertly trained to install a wide variety of garage door brands and styles, quickly and smoothly. They enlist many reputable manufacturers and have the knowledge needed to help you create the door of your dreams. As a thank you for your business, an extended warranty is given that exceeds that of the manufacturer's and other companies. For an honest estimate and expert advice, call Mount Sinai Garage Door Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors today.

Call us today at 631-736-0369 for more information, set up an appointment, or get a free estimate.

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