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Not many people realize just how important it is to keep up with routine maintenance and the annual tune-ups of their garage doors. Usually, it’s not until something malfunctions or gets damaged that a company is called in. On average, residents of Peconic open and close their garage doors over 1500 times per year. That’s definitely a lot of use and its safe to say that garage doors have become an asset to many homes. If a door has broken or gotten damaged, it’s very important to fix the issue quickly. This is because even a small malfunction can become a larger much more expensive one over time. Your garage can also become a safety hazard and a security issue if not properly taken care of. Being sure to Have the professionals come in for an annual tune-up can help keep your garage door looking great and working like new longer.

What is a Garage Door Tune-up?

A garage door tune-up is the complete inspection and walk over of your garage door. The following is a list of what a typical tune-up consists of.

  1. A knowledgeable professional will come to your Peconic home and inspect your garage door from top to bottom. They will search for damage and malfunctions.
  2. An all purpose cleaner will be used to wipe down your door. This not only keeps it looking sharp, but also is a great way to notice damage.
  3. Garage door grease, a white lithium spray, or WD-40 is used to lubricate the moving parts of the door. Pulleys, cables, roller brackets, springs, etc. should be kept lubricated throughout the year. This will help prevent jamming and screeching.
  4. The weather stripping at the bottom of the door will be inspected and potentially replaced. Over time the weather stripping may crack or break. This is not uncommon due to being exposed to the elements throughout the seasons.
  5. Your garage door’s auto-reverse sensors will be tested to ensure proper function.
  6. Alignment will be checked.
  7. Springs, cables, pulleys, etc. will be inspected for fraying, and damage.
  8. Bolts, nuts, screws, etc., can become loose over time and will need to be tightened.
  9. Tracks will be cleared of debris.
  10. If the technician finds anything wrong or believes something needs to be fixed or replaced, option will be discussed and questions/concerns will be answered.

Choose the Right Company

If you’re in need of a garage door repair or tune-up, bring in a company you can count on. Peconic Garage Door Repair Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors has been servicing garage doors in Peconic and across Long Island for over 15 years. Technicians are expertly trained in a wide variety of garage door brands, styles, and systems to provide residents with the smooth, quality service that they deserve. A 24 hour line is offered for emergencies and trucks arrive fully equipped for hassle free, same day repairs. All questions and concerns are answered by knowledgeable professionals and appointments are made at the customer’s convenience. Free estimates are given to ensure fair pricing. Peconic Garage Door Repair Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors is a fully licensed and insured, family owned and operated business. Call to set up an appointment at 631-736-0369 and visit us at for more information.

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