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Homeowners of Saint James use their garage door openers almost everyday. On average garage doors are opened and closed at least 1,500 times a year. There are four basic types of garage door openers. Chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, and direct drive which all consist of a motor that moves on a trolley. Above & Beyond Garage Doors, a Long Island based company is intensely trained to install and repair all of these openers efficiently and at a fair price.

Chain drive openers are generally the most inexpensive of the four, but tend to be the noisiest due to the metal chain that connects to the trolley. This particular opener would be best suited for a garage that is detached from your house. Belt drive openers use a rubber belt in place of a chain. This helps it function more smoothly and quietly making it perfect for a garage located near living and sleeping areas. Screw drive garage openers have a long, threaded steel rod that's responsible for the movement of the trolley. It's an ideal opener for any type of home and is low in maintenance due to having fewer moving parts. Direct drive garage door openers are the simplest of the four. There's no belt, rod or chain so it rarely requires maintenance. This particular opener is great for any garage whether it's your home or a commercial building.

Features of a Garage Door Opener

There are many features that come with your garage door opener, or that can be installed for extra convenience. Some of the issues you may have with your garage opener may include an inactive remote, or a problem with your manual release button. Sometimes the security light has a short, or the auto-close feature isn't working correctly. Corrosion can occur on your rail segments, or your keychain remote malfunctions. Nowadays, there's Wi-Fi integration and blue tooth vehicle compatibility as well as applications you could set up to open and close your garage door from virtually, anywhere. The innovative technology available for garage door openers is not only extensive, but can also be confusing. When you need help repairing, installing, or even just figuring out your garage door opener, bring in the professionals at Above & Beyond Garage Doors.

Saint James Appointments

In Saint James, appointments are made at your convenience and expert technicians will come to your home, fully prepared to ensure same day service. Saint James Garage Doors Opener Company, Above & Beyond Garage Door technicians are licensed, insured and possess the knowledge required to ensure quality service. Upon arrival, you will be provided with a free estimate and work that is guaranteed with extended warranties.

Your garage door is generally the largest moving object in your home. Proper adjustment and maintenance of your garage door and its opener are imperative to ensure the safety of you and your family. If broken or malfunctioning parts are left unattended and ignored, your built in safety features may not work in the case of an emergency. A couple examples may be the inability to use the quick-release mechanism in the event of entrapment or failure to detect carbon monoxide exposure.

Your garage is meant to be an asset to your home. There are many issues that can be easily addressed by you without the help of professionals. There are also many instances where it is absolutely necessary to bring in a properly trained team. When you are in need of a garage door repair, replacement, installation, or even a quick tune up, call Saint James Garage Doors Opener Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors.

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